Saturday, June 30, 2012

Avignon 1 18-6-12

So I was almost done with this email, and then French keyboards have a lovely button right next to the 'a" key that takes you to the home page, and my email wasn't saved... Lame! Now I have like no time.

I got moved to Avignon (sur le pont d'Avignon, on y dance tout enrond) It is right next to Aix, and my new collegue (Elder Hamilton) is district leader, so I will get to go there pretty much every week this transfer so it is like I am not even gone.

Avignon has the palais de pape which is the only other place the pope has ever lived besides the vatican, so that is fun, it is an enourmouse ... giant palace.

We live within old castle walls, so that is really cool as well.

Rosetta stone helped a little, I am doing great with the language, the gift of tounges is real because I can actually understand these people... unless they are drunk.

Yes we fast every now and then for our amis

I drink more than three liters of water a day

No, I do not eat out often, but I have pleanty of extra money to do that, I will got later if I ever train someone

Elder Tulley from the MTC is replacing me in aix, so I will get to see/work with him, and that will be fun!

By the way, it is Je t'aime ha ha, just so you know, but good job with the french mother, I did not know the word chou chou before you wrote it to me, but then we do not really say things like that much as missionaries ha ha.

Have a wonderful day, sorry this email is kind of lame, Elder Hamilton is cool, He was in our district last transfer so I know him a little,he is from LA basically about an hour away.  Keep it real yo!

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