Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bonjour! May 21st, 2012

quoi de neuf?  Only one question from what I can remember, Yes I write in my journal, usually every other night, but I have made it a goal to write every day for my twentieth year of life which starts in less than 9 weeks just so you know.  

  Sorry I have not sent pictures, as I have said before the computers we use here seem to have problems, as in most of the time it doesn't recognize you put in the sd card.  I will send you my card eventually, I need to find my other one (it is somewhere in my suitcase which is in a high tight corner of our closet which is why I have not looked for it yet.

Monday:  Did shopping... other stuff that I don't remember, then had a soirée familiale with a member family and eva's family.  Satan is really really trying to keep us from teaching them. There were a lot of distractions, we got to thier house late, the car almost broke down, and we got home really late... like 10:30 but we taught the lesson, and it was really good!

Tuesday:  lots of panneau and porting, talked to kim, one of our recent converts, talked to Irma, another recent convert even thought we wanted to see her daughter, but that didn't happen.

Wednesday: Panneau, porting, calls, ratez-vous (that means the guy didn't show up for a lesson)

Thursday:  Réunion de district, it was really cool to see all the new elders in our district.  They are now, Elder Smedley and elder Didieuksman(from holland), Elder Adams and elder M... something, Elder Dorton (I think), and elder Duncan (he was in my district at Lyon, so it is really neat to see him again and catch up), and Elder Park and Elder Ormond the two elders you saw during our call.  After that, we had a good RDV with Inès, thought she doesn't really want to do anything, just hear the word of God...  Then Saw Pilar, she is old and cranky like always ha ha, but we love her, then taught Laurent, really good RDV who accepted a baptism date!

Friday:  Calls, Porting... Irma, wanted to see jennifer...

Saturday: one early morning RdV with what we thought was a less active, but turned out to be a gay catholic who was actually really cool.  We had a good lesson, and we will be seeing him again soon... Taught the law of Chastity because he had a question if he was sining.  Good RDV, and he actually said he was going to try to change his life because he had a dream that he had to... interesting.  After that, three ratez-vous in a row, tough, then to feel better we had dinner at the Family Farrants house. It was a lot of fun, we had "tacos" they were actualy really good for french mexican food.  Greg (M. Farrant) taught us how to play rugby because he apparently was on a professional division team for aix at one point, so that was cool.

Sunday: church was good, eva's parents and brother came... didn't have time to see us after.... lame.  Then it rained... and rained ... and rained... hard ... all day.  We had no RDVs, so we got to go porting in the rain.... the whole day... it was fine until someone got mad at us and called the police, though, if he had not have done that, then we would have stayed longer in that area, and we woudl have missed this really cool girl we got to talk to who said she would come to church next week.. Nice tender mercy, the Lord really knows when to give you one of those before you kill something haha.  

Emails is the first thing of the day today, so we will do is shopping... maybe play a nice game of monopoly.  Our whole district has had a bad week, so the Elders in Vitrolles, the other aix elders and us are going to have a nice lunch together to se fortifier on peut dire.

I love you all, stay safe.  This week was a little harder, but I am still happy and am loving it overall.  IT sounds like you had fun in california, that is great!  Too bad you will have to wait all the way to thanksgiving to go on another adventure ha ha.  Vous êtes gatez, tous lol.  see you next week!

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