Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Return to Lyon

Hello family, friends, future missionaries who are spying on my blog.  let us answer the questions

So I am sure you are all excited to know what is happening... or rather what happened,  so let me answer your other questions first, and then I'll get to that

I forgot to give advice to the person in our ward who is going to our mission.  Well, one be obedient, two write in your journal, three, take pictures, four, only bring an umbrella, the people will try to tell you you need q raincoat, but you will never use it.    Other than that, just be good, start reading preach my gospel, particularly chapter three.  Have faith

The luggage is still in one piece, they look like they have been through a lot though:  However I think they will hold for the rest of my mission.

Easter was great, I'll tell you more about it later

We have a rvd fixed with the guy who came to church, but we have not seen him yet.

Yes we saw castles, I'll see if I can send pics, I don't have a lot of time

I think I have all I need for the moment thanks =D

So, where am I?  Well, je vais casser la baraque, I was moved, in France; to Lyon again.  I am in the Villerban ward now however, it is the other side of the city.  My new collegue is Edler Frandsen from Highland Utah

I am zone leader btw.  Elder Frandsen is on his 8th transfer or something.  Anyway, I got to Lyon about 1 o'clock, We have had to do a bunch of things telling people where to go and directing at the train station, so That is why we do not have a lot of time to do emails.

I am also on the french keyboard, so I am typing really slowly.  I am excited to be in Lyon again and be with Eler Frandsen, He was my zone leader when I was in St Etienne, and he is still here in Lyon. 

I did miss France a little, I love Switzerland, and the ward in Yverdon was awesome.  It was probably the hardest ward to leave.  I did miss the Sense of Freedom in France though,  There is a joke in Suisse that everything that is not forbidden is required, and it really does feel like that sometimes  ha ha. 

Easter was really cool.  The stake president spoke and that was incredible.  Then we had Lunch at the presidents family's place Just a beef roast with rice, it was really good.  They also insisted that We could stay with them when I come back after the mission.
Then we had dinner at the bishop's house crèpes, they make them a lot smaller in suisse, or maybe that was just his family thing.   a good day to end on. 

I am sorry that this email is all over the place and not too detailed, I am just a little shell shocked I think.  I was really convinced that I was staying in Yverdon.  This internet café is also playing music really loud and that makes it difficult to concentrate. 

It is interesting.  There are so many people here; I got used to the nice quiet farm ville life, it is the big city again.

Well that is about it for today; I'll send pic s to make up for the lack of text.  Then I promise next week's email will be better. 

Love you all very much, have a wonderful week.

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