Monday, April 29, 2013

Lyon II 3

Hello... er hola, er Strasveil (russian), er Bonjour.  Hey all I am in Lyon again.  That is the city where I started my mission, though I am in another ward on the other side of town.  it is cool to be back.  Je vous aime tous!
Yeah, I am talking to a lot more people here that I was the first time around.  That was just me and Elder Frandsen that talked to 700 ppl; but he is feeling a little sick; so this week we only got 550 or so.  Our president has been pushing remembering to talk to at least 50 people a day.  We have been focusing a lot on member work, and I guess our contacting was slipping.  Elder Frandsen and I decided that in a city as big as Lyon, it would be easy to get 100 people a day, so that is what we did.  I it is neat, in one week, we got about 15 numbers, and fixed a total of five or so rdvs... which makes you think just how many people say no ha ha, but it makes it worth it when the person says yes.

We are walking a lot.  I have lost four more pounds since getting here.  We are entering the 235-240 weight area.  I feel great, It is crazy to think that I have lost the equivalent of a... Pig... I don't know, how much do those weigh?

The homeless people all have big smelly dogs.  It is all the old ladies that have the Bichons

I think that I would have enough time to write letters if I really put time in it.   You need to understand though.  It is hard to stay in your boring apartment when there are castles and chateaux and a huge park with giraffes and Elephants right next door.  I am falling behind on my letter writting.  I was planning on sending all of you ones individually and then some to the recent converts.  
 No wonder I never get any letters I haven't written anything in a few transfers now.  Who would of thought that I would have to make an effort to get letters ha ha.  Ok, next week I'll get to it.  Though, I'll probably need to take a few weeks to get all those out.

 Saw the Italian family in their store in the morning, and prayed with them.  We kinda dropped them for a while, because they said they cannot close their store on Sundays until September, so we are still dropping in every now and then pour prendre les nouvelles, but we will hold off teaching them until then.  They are totally going to be baptized, they just need to come to church.
  Then we saw Heaven, a cool kid of a less active who isn't baptized, who is going to be baptized the 11 mai,a so pray for him.  He is a cool dude, and is learning way fast/  Then lots of contacting.

 Zone training meeting.  If you have forgotten what that is, it is a district meeting, but with our zone, and me and elder Frandsen do that.  I t went well.  hopefully it was inspiring.  It was a little fun too, because Corsica is in our zone (we do NOT do exchanges with them, that is the assistants, who is NOT me and elder Frandsen)  So we had them on the big projector on skype in the mission office.  I felt like some sort of CEO at a business meeting, only spiritual.  We are in the big city now.  Then we did some talking to people, this is when Elder Frandsen really started getting sick.  We went home a little early, he went to bed and I made calls.

Weekly planning, then we had a few people who didn't show up to appointments, and then we went to this place called the croix rousse.  The place is crawling with JWs and everyone thought we were the witnesses.  yuck.

 saw Haevan (pronounced like Evan) again, then Fabien; a cool Black young adult who is going to be baptized the 5 of mai (side note Jonah another kid of a less active, like Haevan is also getting baptized the 5 mai)  Then we had a raté-vous (they didn't show up)  and then Elder Frandsen was just about dead, so I almost carried him home.  

  First Sunday in the Villeurbanne ward.  It was good, it was the ward conference, so there were lots of people from elsewhere.  All together, we were about 110. Not bad.  Then we ate, Elder Frandsen was puking, so I organized the apartment.  Then he wanted to get out of the apartment, so we ported the night out.

Today was fun.  We got the apartment all clean and shiny, I bought a new journal because I have filled all my other ones.  This is a big one which will definitely last me the rest of my mission.  it kinda looks like an old spell book... fun fun.  Later, we have two rdvs.

I am still enjoying life.  It is hot now.  like 70s.  We are not wearing our suit coats (glorious).  Elder frandsen is still pretty sick, better, but still we will call Sr Roney to fix something with a doctor.  We are sure it is a sinus infection.  It doesn't look or sound fun, I just hope I don't get it.  

Love you much.  The gospel is true.  Peace love and good will and all that ciao!

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