Monday, March 25, 2013

Yverdon 5

 I did not wear green for st pat's day. I didn't even know it was st p's day until I read it in your email. It doesn't exist here.  At least I haven't seen anything particularly green or heard people talking with an Irish accent.

The shoes are good and free of holes, so I like them.  They do have a little bit of a clown feeling when I wear them, but whatever, I am thinking about getting some really classy ones this coming soldes.  Of course I am also shooting for a new suit this coming soldes (in June) ... my last of the mission! what?!? We have been trying to leave it more though and walk around ville so we can talk to people.

Yes I got the card,  When E Puairau has a hard time waking up, I open it and that gets him out of bed real quick to shut it up ha ha.

The amis are awesome.  We fixed a baptismal date with the family of the stake president that we are teaching for the 20 of avril, so if you could mention the morattels in your prayers, to add some more people praying for them.  It so cool to teach them, it is a family of four, Swiss people with jobs who are normal and not mentally unstable, it is pretty much the family I have been looking for my whole mission.  Actually it is interesting because I have been praying (about two three transfers ago back in St Etienne) to find a family of four with one of the kids baptismal age... coincidence?  Possibly, but those are... non existent on missions.  Other amis are doing good as well.  Adriana came to church the first time this transfer, even thought she has been promising to come every week since before I got here, so that was neat.  She had a good experience.

Lundi:  We walked around downtown Yverdon, all two roads, and looked at the four shops that are here, and then we saw a few less actives etc

Mardi:Taught Adriana, then saw a less active and his girl roommate. had RCM

Mercredi:  Saw Caroline the Chinese less active, she came to church the last two weeks, so that is fun.  Then we saw Joseph, and old ami who we are teaching again.  Then saw our Spanish couple who are still in a big pickle, but they are looking towards the right place and for the right reasons to help with their problems.  That rdv was really cool because our member who speaks Spanish was not able to come, so last minute we called a member who happens to speak Spanish in the same ville as the couple (they don't live in Yverdon)  This member has not been to church in years, but still he agreed to help us, and did a great job of translating and even bearing his own testimony on the book of Mormon.  He really enjoyed the teaching,  hopefully that re motivates him a bit.

Jeudi_  zone conference in Genève, really great.  I love president and zone conferences.  It was weird seeing the people who were finishing their missions (when it is your last zone conference you bear your testimony)  These were a few soeurs that I knew in the MTC (in the group just above me) who are now done with their mission... well in two weeks.  That was an odd experience seeing theme give a ``Dying`` testimony

Vendredi:  saw a bunch of members and pass backs, saw fabian the German kid who is asking more and more questions and seems to be more sincere in his search, so that is cool.  He still has the attitude of I am too cool for this, but he comes to church and seminary, so now all he needs to do is personal reading and continue personal prayer, and he is in the bag cha ching =P  Then we saw the family morattel, with the stake prez and his family... six kids and a cat make lots of noise, but thankfully the spirit penetrates through children laughing and screaming.

Samedi:  Worked on the farm.  saw Andriana again and did some other stuff.

Dimanche.  Good Sunday, it's women's week, so the relief society presidency spoke and gave really some powerful talks.  After we ate at the Wrinkler family's place, spaghetti and meatballs with champignons (what is that in English?)  it was good.  Then we had the soirée familiale (FHE) with the bishop's family and the Young adults.  and all that fun stuff.

If it seems like I did the day to day really quickly it is because I did.  I have used all my time, but I want you all to know that I love you and pray for you every day.  Have a great week.  Love you!

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