Monday, March 25, 2013

Yverdon 3

Hello everybody, not lots of questions for this week

Our amis are doing alright.  Our biggest potential right now is a girl named Adrianna and her brother Alexandre.  They are from Brazil, but have lived in Suisse for 13ish years now.  They are really cool, and every rdv, is packed with the spirit, but then they don't keep the commitments.  Well they do read and pray, but they have yet to come to church even though every week it is yes yes, we'll come.  So hopefully things improve there.

As far as new amis, a recently reactivated member brought one of his non member friends to church who is from Argentina I think, and then the Bishop brought a family friend, a couple of Spanish origins, the Argentina girl speaks french well, but more Spanish, and the couple speaks almost no french.  However, with help from the members, and the gift of tongues, we were able to explain the book of Mormon to them, and fix a rdv for this week.  Fortunately there are lots of members who speak Spanish here.  I found a Spanish grammar book in the apartment, so ... vamanos mis amigos!

Yes we worked on the farm again.  It is a weekly Saturday morning thing.  Today, we only got to pick out stones from their fields.  I thought of the scripture in Ecclesiastes 3, there is  a time to gather stones and a time to cast stones away... interesting huh?  not really.

I have not received the package yet, I'll tell you when it gets in.  Just so you know we only have a mini fridge that is smaller than the one in the basement... somehow it works, it helps that everything in Europe is small.

There are very few cars in the mission actually.  they have been asking for more, but it doesn't look like we'll get any soon.  We have one, then the assistants, chalon, bienne, sant raf, and a couple other zone leaders.  I would say around a dozen cars.

Yes I have decided I want to go to BYU, at least for right after I get back, I personally have no idea what I need to do or when I need to ... s'inscrire (I forget the word in english) for classes, so ... if you have some time that'd be cool if you did a little research for me, so that I don't rat on school.

Yes we have a GPS, that helps a lot, because... well yeah, driving in Europe is a lot different than driving in the states, or Utah rather.

Monday, we had a few rdvs Monday, it didn't feel like a pday which made this week a little tiring.  I feel that you do need to take a little time to de-stress, at least I do.  There are some missionaries in the mission who *cough cough* purposefully set rdvs on Pday *cough*  I mean who seem to always have rdvs on Pday, personally I would go insane doing that every week...  That night, we drove to Lausanne to pick up the elders there and then went to Geneva and stayed the night with those elders.

Tuesday.  Took the train from Geneva to Lyon, had a Zone leader council, which was a lot like a zone conference, but still president... it was really really cool, probably the most powerful spiritual meeting I have ever been to.  It was weird because president talked about advice for after the mission as well, mostly stuff for how to help the mission, but . Anyway, it was really cool.  Then we did an exchange with the assistants in Lyon.  I was with Elder Arnold.  We prayed for a place to go porting while the other missionaries were in a rdv.  We found a building, and I just felt like it was going to be a good one.  We knocked on 10 doors, and we were able to teach the restoration to 8 of them.  We didn't get invited in, but we did have a lesson with them just at their door.  It was really incredible just to see so many people interested to hear more.  just a really spiritual cool day.  I love being a missionary.

took the trek back to Yverdon.  Our train was late and then got delayed en route, and so we got back at 6 ish in the evening!  normally we should have been back by 3ish.  We saw a less active (Caroline) who came to church this Sunday!  it was cool.  Then right after we quickly but effectively planned our zone training meeting for the next morning.  that is like a district meeting, but with the whole zone and three hours long.

Drove to Besançon and had the meeting.  I went really well.  We took the Dijon elders back with us for an exchange, and saw some members and Andriana, and other people.   It went well

Took the Dijon elders back to Besançon(long drive) came back and saw fabian, a newish ami who is kina a punk, but kina funny.  He said he is going to teach me German, because it is the best language.

Worked at the farm, did our weekly planning and saw some people, amis members, no rdvs, just quick conversations and trying to fix rdvs for the future.

Great day at church, I already mentioned the new people who came, it was a powerful fast and testimony meeting.  Then we has our FHE with the young adults , and dinner with the family Rottermann, Beef pasta stew thing, it was really good.

Today, we cleaned the apartment, so it is beautiful now, I love having a clean space.  Then we went to do emails. 

Lots of traveling for this week as well.  What is on the agenda?  Neuchâtel, and Saint Etienne.  Why saint etienne?  Because my papers to be legal just got in and I have to go there for a meeting so that they can make sure I'm not a criminal or some guy looking to suck off the system.  Fun stuff.  Not as much traveling as the last week, but still going to and from St Etienne will take all day, but it has to be done.  I think we did the bulk of the traveling already, for the rest of the transfer, we have a trip to geneva, Bienne, and Besançon again.

Well I loved your emails.  I hope you are all doing well, and that you know how much I love you. 

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