Saturday, February 4, 2012

France 4

Well I wrote you this whole big email, and then the internet decided to stop working before I sent it.  Now I only have about 10 minutes

I am good and well.  Bright got baptized yesterday! so cool!  I was late with my email last week because we were helping somebody move most of the day and rendez-vous the rest.

My french is ... it could be better, honestly I have been using a lot of english this week because of our amis, but we have about 5 new amis who all speak french so that's good.

France is still cool, it is cold, but I am still enjoying myself

I enjoy reading your emails

Je vous aime, toute la monde!  Je sais que l'église est vrais.  Vous me manquez, et J’écrirai beaucoup plus le semein prochaine (I spelled that wrong, it means next week)

je vais essayer à vous donner les photos.

Here are some action shots:
Elder Bell

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