Saturday, February 4, 2012

France 2

Hello famille and les autres!  I am typing once again on a French keyboard, so nothing is in the right place.  OK, answering the questions real quick:  The brown tie was the ugly one.  My favorite part of the apartment is my pillow, it is sooooo much better than the mtc one.  Yes we have... warm showers.  You can't take long or hot showers here, because mold will grow everywhere if you do.  Elder Bell is a much better cook than me...although I really haven't made anything yet because I do not know how to make stuff that I am OK to eat. Non, my sheets were not broken during the voyage =P.  Parts of Lyon are really cool.  Every day I get to walk down a road that's at least several hundred years old.  I also usually pass by a huge Cathedral and a basilisque that are about that old too.  It is very cool, but there are cigarette butts everywhere! In addition there are beaucoup de dogs here, and they and their owners will just go to the bathroom on the side of the road....pee stains everywhere... il est dégoutante!  I have not yet seen the Lyon Lion statue yet, nor do I know where it is, but I do have lots of pictures.  I had trouble getting them on the computer last time, and by trouble I mean that I could not get them on the computer.  Yes I exercize, I eat good things, I am still loosing weight (last time i checked, I weighed 128kg (you'll have to do the conversion yourself), and yes I wear the shirts you gave me.

    It would be cool to get ideas from you for what I could cook, because it is hard to eat well... and it is hard to shop.  I had a slice of cheese and 4 kiwi fruits for lunch. Then I had some granola for breakfast.  Another cool thing is that I found out that anyone who is not in my mission boundaries can email me!  So there is no excuse that letters are too expencive or chose comme ça! 

     You can find my email address on My facebook account, if my parents do it, or maybe they won't post it, but you can always ask them directly and i'm sure they'd be more than willing to think about it.  also you can ask them for my physical address, because you are allowed to have that too, and physical letters (or packages) are still appreciated.

    So what new has been happening?  Well... we were supposed to get a baptism this coming weekend, but the guy (Derek) is having trouble getting into the country (it's a long story)  So we may not see him for a few months...  But there is another ami de l'église (I like "friend of the church" so much better than investigator) Qui s'appelle Bright who is just Amazing!  He should be getting baptized the weekend after next!! Hooray right?  Of course right.  Bright is also telling alll of his friends about us, and he is really the reason we have a good chunck of our amis.  Bright is Nigerian, and all his friends he has introduced us to are Nigerian, and we also already had a Nigerian or two we were meeting, and they all speak English... I really don't see why they are having me learn French since more than half of the people we teach know less French than me!  I find it entertaining. 

    The language is coming along.  I really am not as good as you think I am, I cannot understand anyone... well that used to be the case, I can understand them when they slow down.  I have also been told that I do take some time to think of what to say, but I make very few mistakes, and so people think I know French so they start zipping off, and I totally get lost.

    I did my first bit of Port à port a couple days ago.  that's knocking on doors.  I thought it was surprisingly fruitful, after an hour and a half or so, we had two SNAPs (Set-up-rendez-vous, Name, Address, Phone number)  one guy was from a different area,  so we passed his info on to another missionaire équipe, and the second one bailed on us for the rendez-vous... that seems to happen a lot.  Although, there was a girl who just showed up to church yesterday, and said she had a lot of questions about our church and the book of Mormon.  My companion and I had never seen her before, and no one said they invited her... i think that can go into the miracle folder!  We should be seeing her either tomorrow or Wednesday.  I can't remember, I'll tell you about it next week!

    Well that's about all that's new with me,  I am going to do some soldes shopping now.  Apparently they don't have sales in France except for a couple weeks in the winter and in the summer.  It is called Soldes, and everything is rediculousley cheap, it is like it's own holiday here.  I think I am going to get one of those man purses that are so popular here, and maybe a couple ties, and another scarf (I've already turned into a European ha ha).  I think I'll wait for the summer soldes to buy a new suit though, once I have lost some more weight.  Wait? what's that you say? You don't care?  Oh ok.

   Je vous aime toujours!!! Je sais que l'évangile de Jésus-Christ est hyper cool et hyper vrais!  Je veux vous rendir mon temoignage que cette évangile peux changer et amilliorer (not sure how that one is spelled) la vie de toutes la monde!  Encore, Je vous aime PAIX!

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