Saturday, February 4, 2012

France 3

OK, before I forget, I'll answer the questions:  P-day is almost the whole day.  We have to do our studies like normal, and we have to proselyte for three hours.  Yesterday was a little different though.  Obviously you noticed that I am a day late on the email, I'll explain that latter.
    There are 5 équipes (companionship's) in Lyon.  All of them are in a half hour of us by metro.  Elder Bell is the Diregeant de la district (district leader), and there are only two other équipes in our district... well and a senior couple. 

     Now lets take care of the temporal wants ha ha.  I could still use some recipes for lunch and dinner items.  Breakfast is taken care of, that's the easy meal. 

    As for how things are going here, pretty much a million times better than I could have hoped for!  Bright's baptism is this sunday, he is excited and super prepared!  Then we found this lovely mother of two qui s'appelle Julie.  She and her children are very open to the gospel, and they have accepted the 12th of February to be baptized!  AND THEN there is an awesome guy qui s'appelle vénancio who we taught for the first time yesterday.  A member named Alicia (just about the coolest person in the world) actually found him and set up the rendez-vous, all we had to do was show up.  And guess what?  He is preparing to be baptised on the 26th of February!  So cool!  Just so you know, Bright is Nigerian, Julie is from the Congo, and Vénancio is from Angolia.  I actually don't think I have taught a native Frenchman who isn't already a member, but there was a native Frenchwoman who was baptised like the week before I got here, and one of her friends has a baptisimal date coming up, so apparently it does happen ever once and a while ha ha.

    That is actually interesting to think about, because I have taught people from Nigeria, Anglolia, Congo, Kenya, Madagascar, Spain, China, Cambodia, Vietnam, Georgea (the country), Venezuela, Brazil, and USA, but nobody borne in France ha ha! 

    Have I told you about Ted yet?  I do not think I have.  Ted isn't a member, and he is not really an ami either.  He is just a lonely rich american who buys the missionaries dinner every week.  We believe that he is a spy, because we don't know exactly what he does for work.  He does work for interpol though.  He is very fun to talk to and has some interesting ideas.  Anyway, we were having dinner with him last night, and he is about my size, so he tells me to come look at something.  He then showed me a nice dark blue two pant suit.  Then he says that he bought it a couple days ago, but he didn't realize the pants were pleated, so he doesn't want it.  Then he hands it to me and says I can have it!  The coat is about a 50L and the pants have about a 40inch waist, so it is just a tad snug, but I think it will fit me very nice in about 8-10kg.  By the way, that just shows you how much I have lost if that is close to fitting me!

    I don't have much time left... Soldes is going good, Elder Bell bought a shiny slick new suit for €40 ($65ish).  I haven't got anything yet because things get steadily cheaper as Soldes continues.  It goes to February something.  OK Really got to go now!  Love you all! Write me! BYE THE GOSPEL IS AWESOME!

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