Sunday, November 27, 2011

P Day 3 at the MTC

I know my travel plans kind of ish, they were with my San Fran travel plans, but I don't have them now.  What I remember is I am leaving January 2nd at the beautiful hour of 4:00am.  the other frenchies and I will fly to San Antonio, have like an hour or two layover, then we fly to London where we have a six hour layover!  How cool is that?  LONDON!!!!  Then we fly to either Lyon and take a train to Geneva, or fly directly to Geneva, I can't remember.  So it will be a good solid, 28 hours of traveling.  Elder Graham is also leaving Jan 2nd, and I think he is coming with us to San Antonio, but then we part ways.
    By the way, this letter will be all over the place.  What did we do at the consolate?  They just took yet another picture of us, and took our fingerprints, and that was it.  Now about our investigators.  I thought I told you this, but maybe i didn't.  Our "investigators" are actually just our teachers playing a role of someone they taught on their mission.  However, we do go to this plalce called the TRC once or twice a week where we get to teach real people who just be themselves.  Sometimes they are not members, and sometimes they are.  I've only done it twice so far, and they are all BYU baptized members just looking to practice their french, but it is still fun, and cool to teach real people.
    You may have heard of this thing called "ThanksGiving" coming up this thursday.  Well at the MTC, it means basically a second P-day, only we are doing some service projects throughout the day.  We also end the day with a nice, sack-dinner... no joke... hovever we do get a good 2 hour lunch. 
    Here is some news that you will like mother.  I have lost about 12-15lbs since coming here.  My suitpants are loose on me now, and i ran 4 miles straight in the gym yesterday!  It feels so good to be healthy, and I know that that is just one of the blessings the Lord has and will give me for serving him full-time for the next two years.  yes my suits look good, and yes the ties look good.  My goal is to loose at least 20 lbs by the time I leave here, but i think i could safely up that to 35.  Depending on how much weight i loose, I'll just have to get new ones when I get to France, which leads me to some other awesome news.  My teacher Frere Howarth is from Luxiomburg ... [sp] originally, so all his suits are European, and they look so much nicer then the suits we get here.  Mainly because the pants are more form fitting, and not as baggy or "parachute like" (to use frere howarth's words) as American suit pants.  What is also cool, is he says you can buy a really really nice suit over there for about 80 euro, that's around $120.
    I have noticed something that seemes to be more true day by day... i think that the MTC is alot like the TV series MASH if MASH was all religeous.  Seriously, we are confined to a small area (only we chose to be here), the people who are in you class area are the people you go to gym and lunch with, so it feels like you know everyone.  Things get very repetetive here, and the only way to stay sane is to go slightly insane.  My district have taken up the hobby of trying to put bananas in other people's pockets without them knowing.  We all gather for lunch and complain about the food (though some days like today, it is really good), and we make random holidays such as candy day (everybody buys a peice of candy and gives it to someone else) mail day (which isn't exciting at all) and ice cream sunday (which i don't participate in for religeous reasons). 
    Now for the part where i ask you for stuff, it is great to get letters and all that so everyone who reads this on my blog, send me a letter if you want, i would appreaciate it.    Also send more pictures if you can, maybe some that are more recent?  i love getting pictures, and everyone is putting them up on the wall by our desks in our classroom.  we made our window a stain glass window of the statue Moroni out of post-it notes.  we have the coolest room in the MTC. 
   Je vous touts aime!  Et Je te manque aussi.  Je sais que l'eglise de Jesus-Christ est vrai.  J'aime cet eglise, et ce traviller!  AU REVOIR!!!

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