Sunday, February 24, 2013

Yverdon 1

Ok, so here are the answers to your questions:  There are lots of dogs in swiss, not a lot of poop unlike france because people actually clean up after their dogs here.  Also, They are generally larger husky german shepherd dogs from what I^ve seen.  Ones that would like to eat monte as a snack, but they seem nice.  The cats here are really cute, and almost all of them will let you approach and pet them, so I enjoy that :) 

Yes I got the valentines So did Elder Ihalmo, and he says thank you by the way.  I appreciate the little bit of cash, but you know they don't use euros here.  It is Swiss franks. I'll show you some when I get back, if you thought that euros looked like monopoly money, the franks are fisher price play things ha ha really weird money.  It is still worth more than the dollar par contre.

Yes I am still running and eating well.  I wear pants with a size 32 waist now!  It is really cool to look at those little things, and then I fit in them.  I still wear my huge american pants most of the time though, they don't look great, but well enough.

The two baptisms went really well.  Lara was crying (good tears)  and they were both very touched.  Really it was an incredible experience.  Then the confirmation went well as well.  They are and will continue to be great members! 

So now the question is did I get transferred.  Well I^ll answere that by telling you where I am.  I am now on the church computer in Lausanne.  That`s right, I got moved to Yverdon!!!  (how does that make sense)  Well, I am in Lausanne moving some missionaries around, and giving them rides in my new car!  Yeah we have a car... and I am also zone leader now.  SO I am not quite sure what that means yet, it is a little more responsibility than a district leader, but pretty similar, only we deal with district leaders instead of just the normal nothing missionaries (ha ha I'm joking)  Also, we are both zone leaders, my colleague and me.  My new colleague is Elder Puairau, another Tahitian (PUu, ay, Raow)  This one is a difficult one to say, just pronounce all of the vowels.  He actually came into the mission the same time as me.  He went to the MTC in Madrid, but we are both on our 11 transfer. 

Elder Ihalmo is still in Bienne, but he is actualy still with me for the day to wait to pick up his new guy.  It is crazy to think that this is my 11th transfer and my 10th companion.  Normally we should stay together longer too, because zone leaders stay in the area a while.  Though, I've been surprised every transfer so far, so I really have no idea.

Last week we did something really cool though.  Wednesday we had a consecrated day for finding.  With our whole mission and the mission of Paris, we all prayed every 30 minutes and contacted the whole day. At first I thought it was going to be a loooong day, but it actually passed really really fast.  We found a really cool guy in the morning who really wanted to read the book of mormon.  Then after lunch we found a guy who had seen the missionaries a long time ago and we had a great conversation with him.  then in the evening, on the last door that we knocked on, this awesome Italian man who let us in, we were able to teach him.  He said he would read the book of mormon every night.  We... well the other elders are going to see him later this week.  Also, we found this cute couple with two kids that we taught a couple times this week, and who have some great potential, so things are starting to happen in Bienne.  not to mention that the branch just gave us like five other families to teach.  Big miracles are happenning every day

Just now, while I was writing you, this Chinese guy walks in and says, hello, I saw that this was a church and that the light was on, so I was wondering if I could come in and look around.  The other elders are now teaching him and showing him around the church.  Miracles happen all the freakin time!!!  The chinese person is coming to church this week.  wow.

So I need to go.  I am so excited to be zone leader, get some things done and baptize some more people.  I love the mission so much, and I love the gospel.  I have had the privilege of seeing so many people change their lives for the better because of it.  It is really something I had taken for granted before, just the value of what we have.  In talking with lots and lots of people every day, you find that there are lots and lots and lots of people who are not happy.  You just get a sense of being lost from them.  Seeing how the gospel changes people in to something better.  Into people with a purpose who don't know everything, but who have a goal, and are actually happy in life.  I is so sad when people reject the message because you love them so much and you just want them to be happy, and you know that this is the answer, but they just don't get it... urg.  We'll there are lots who do get it, and who do change.  Just so you know, I say this just because it bugs me that people think that we don't have any success here in Europe, So far this year there have been almost 50 baptisms already!  The people here are so great, and even if it is less baptisms then other parts of the world, there are so many poeple looking for the truth who just do not know where to find it.

I love you all so much!  Thank you for your prayers and all that you have done for me.    I really liked your emails.  Bonne semaine, à la prochaine, soyez sage, et ne prenez pas la grande chance que vous avez de connaître l'évangile comme quelque chose allant de soi Je vous aime fortement.  Ciao Paix

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