Sunday, February 24, 2013

Neuchatel 5

Hi.  so we are at the church, waiting for Gervain to arrive so that we can do his baptismal interview.  He said he is on his way, but we thought why not do our emails while we wait!  So I'll see how much I can do before he gets here.  Then I'll write more after ne t'en fais pas.
Gervain and Lara are both awesome and ready to be baptized this week.  Gervain actually asked me to baptize him, so that will be a real honor cool cool.  We had a little trouble organizing things at neuchatel for the font, but I think/hope that it is all worked out.   Yes we do have the lake, but... a warm font sounds better to most people then a lake in the middle of winter ha ha.

This week was really good.  We found two more families to teach.  One from a member who introduced us, and one from porting (knocking on doors)  They both seem pretty cool, and I'll keep you updated on how that goes.  It just is a testimony builder that it is really in the fourth quarter that God comes in and blesses you after trying your patience.  There is also another guy that the German speaking elders found us.  They gave him to us because he is a french speaker.  this guy is nice... stopped smoking weed last spring, and has already reduced his beers from 6 to 2 cans a day, and one pack of cigarettes to a couple a day.  Although he doesn't seem to have much intention of stopping all together.  We'll see how things go.

P-day, we did our shopping, and played soccer with the Neuchatel, Yverdon, and Fribourg elders. lots and lots of fun:  I was pretty stiff the next day.

I was thinking about buying some shoes, because both of mine... well the one, my feet are always soaked after an hour or so, and the other pair has no soles, so they are pretty uncomfortable... so I will look for replacement soles today, but even then, my shoes are pretty wet by the end of the day and need a day to dry.

Didn't get the valentine yet

We sometimes see the German elders around town.  They are open to help us if we need it, and they even said their apartment is open to us if we needed it.  They are really nice.  We usually talk once a week to pass numbers of people we have contacted, and to see how each other's amis are doing that we passed from one to another.  we haven't really worked together much, but we did have the idea of doing german french english classes for those who would want to learn.  That will take some planning and coordination though.

Yes I use the backpack now. It still bugs me a little that it is so big, but it is just easier than the shoulder bag, also it is a swiss army bag, and my shoulder bag has a big french flag on it, so I kinda thought it'd be good to use the swiss bag here.

Kebabs kick butt here, they are so delicious, but about twice the price than they are in France.

we have a key to the ward yes.

I did bring a coat with me yes, but now it is kinda like a tent cover on me... it is huge, and it took up like half of one of my suitcases, so I left it in St Etienne.  I would have sent it back, but the thing weighs like 40 lbs! anyway I left that in St etienne along with half of my American suits.

Bienne (Biel as it is called in German)  is a city that is technically in both of our missions (lyon and swiss alpine), and we share basically the same area.

So the Elders got here to do the interview, Hopefully things go well.  I don't see why there would be a problem.  

So this week was lots of fun.  Lots of talking to people in the road, and not lots of success, but working through the members there is lots and lots of success.  Last weekend was the first baptism by the missionary game.  I think I mentioned that before.  It is just a way of helping the members do missionary work, and it has been having great success int he mission.  Well, I'm going to let the other elder use the computer to to his emails.  love you very much!  have a great week.  Sorry there is still no day to day, maybe one day I won't be so rushed... when I get home.¨

Ich liebet dich

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